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Xmas Blitz ERA Poštovní spořitelna 2012 Vánoční bleskový turnaj ŠK ERA Poštovní spořitelna 2012

Last update 28.12.2012 21:08:26, Creator/Last Upload: Chess Federation of the Czech Republic

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Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMStudnička Tomáš2424CZE 8b1 4w1 5b0 9w1 3b1 2w0 10b1 6w1 7w1 12b1 11b190967,5
2Pokorný Petr2201CZE 7w1 6b1 9w1 5w1 4b½ 1b1 3w0 11w1 10b0 17b1 8w18,50867
3Miskolczi Vítězslav2091CZE 15w1 9b0 7w1 6b1 1w0 10b1 2b1 5w1 4b½ 8w0 14b17,50,5768,5
4Šplíchal Petr2052CZE 18w1 1b0 17w1 10b1 2w½ 5w½ 13b1 9b1 3w½ 6b½ 7b½7,50,5562,5
5Hula Lukáš2100CZE 14b1 16w1 1w1 2b0 11w1 4b½ 6w1 3b0 9w0 10w1 12b06,51668
6Šindelář Pavel2023CZE 13b1 2w0 12b1 3w0 14b1 7w1 5b0 1b0 15w1 4w½ 18w16,50664
7Hruška Pavel1993CZE 2b0 13w1 3b0 16w1 17b½ 6b0 15w1 14w½ 1b0 18b1 4w½5,50461,5
8Popper Tomáš2018CZE 1w0 18b1 10w0 14w½ 13b0 15b½ 12w1 17w½ 16b1 3b1 2b05,50457,5
9Fišer Jiří1940CZE 12b1 3w1 2b0 1b0 10w0 17w1 11b1 4w0 5b1 14w0 15b050567,5
10WIMJaščenko Olga2185RUS 16b0 17w1 8b1 4w0 9b1 3w0 1w0 18b1 2w1 5b0 13w050562,5
11Královský Martin2055CZE 17b0 14w½ 16b1 12w1 5b0 13w½ 9w0 2b0 18w1 15b1 1w050456,5
12Hruška Jan2132CZE 9w0 15b1 6w0 11b0 18b1 14w½ 8b0 16b½ 13w1 1w0 5w150456
13Šlemr Jiří1000CZE 6w0 7b0 18w1 17b½ 8w1 11b½ 4w0 15b0 12b0 16w1 10b150452,5
14Kouba Libor1870CZE 5w0 11b½ 15w1 8b½ 6w0 12b½ 16w½ 7b½ 17w½ 9b1 3w050259
15Charouz Jaroslav1851CZE 3b0 12w0 14b0 18w1 16b1 8w½ 7b0 13w1 6b0 11w0 9w14,50454
16Hadrava Jaroslav1942CZE 10w1 5b0 11w0 7b0 15w0 18b1 14b½ 12w½ 8w0 13b0 17w141351
17Kozel Miroslav1848CZE 11w1 10b0 4b0 13w½ 7w½ 9b0 18w1 8b½ 14b½ 2w0 16b040256
18Kovář Zdeněk1000CZE 4b0 8w0 13b0 15b0 12w0 16w0 17b0 10w0 11b0 7w0 6b000057,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results Of the players In the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number Of victories
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)