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Round 1 starts at 09:30 GMT Saturday 4th November.

10th Witney Weekend Congress Under 1600

Last update 05.11.2023 18:43:48, Creator/Last Upload: Freshwak

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Starting rank

1Cotterell, David M194407ENG1581
2Jerome, Stellio163886ENG1574
3Chivers, Aiden276464ENG1550
4Lakshmeesh, Tvisha317184ENG1534w
5Campbell, Jesse344898ENG1510
6Ware, Adam346636ENG1501
7Hornsby, Albert347603ENG1497
8English, Andrew JP272920ENG1492
9Gretton, Margaret L111696ENG1485w
10Hughes, Peter J270857ENG1444
11Keightley, Richard351210ENG1419
12Matilal, Tamal K115080ENG1405
13Morrow, Liam343240ENG1403
14Mahmood, Aqeeb320625ENG1380
15Marsh, Ben352075ENG1373
16Sweeney, Robert343264ENG1363
17Wright, George A330672ENG1360
18Kumar, Aman321961ENG1348
19Cordon, Ray108892ENG1291
20Gillibrand, David355694ENG1286
21Ou, Siyuan323326ENG1238w
22Bryant, Otto342763ENG1230
23Kennedy, Aden340493ENG1215
24Ramanathan, Vaidy350868ENG1206
25Pasula, Srishwan343082ENG1152
26Saxena, Advik352860ENG1145
27Saxena, Animesh361916ENG1127
28Bhogathi, Abhiram318910ENG1120
29Ou, Siyao323325ENG1097w
30Acharya, Keyur311544ENG1068
31Bevis, Noah352194ENG0
32Chauhan, Kabir346895ENG0
33Driver, Kingsley359938SCO0
34Fletcher-Bott, Russell299348ENG0
35Goyal, Aditya330767ENG0
36Greaves, Harry344522ENG0
37Shieh, Lisirui340983ENG0