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2023 Bristol Megafinal Under 8

Last update 17.06.2023 16:46:33, Creator/Last Upload: Oli

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Starting rank

1Anna Gray1141wU8St Gile's Junior Chess Club
2Muiz Ul Meeran Mohamed Nasrudeen Meeran1086U7St Andrews Church School
3William Bartlett1031U7Woodheys Primary School
4Lucas Zheng1030U8Lakeside Primary School
5Hector Hu937U8St Johns Primary School
6Advik Saxena930U7Wimbledon Chase Primary School
7Khiem Pham631U7OVCC
8Constantine Popov608U7North Cardiff Chess Club
9Oscar Quirk-Marku595U8St Stephens Church School
10John Sheppard463U8Bristol Grammar School
11Esther Corcoran361wU8Nailsworth Primary School
12Daniel Jenkins290U8Bristol Grammar School
13Aarav Gupta0U8Wheatfield Primary School
14Aarav Theja Kadiyala0U8Knights of Bristol Chess Club
15Abigail Zeng0wU8St Johns Primary School
16Abir Suri0U8Bristol Grammar School
17Anvitha Manjunath0wU8St Chad's Primary School
18Cecily Richardson0wU7
19Constantina Volioti0wU6Wick Road Library Chess Club
20Edward Nettleton0U8Bristol Grammar School
21Hayki Yeung0U8St Josephs Primary School
22Jack Nunn0U8The Paragon School
23Leo Roberts0U8Oldfield Park Junior School
24Minha Mohamed Nasrudeen Meeran0wU5St Andrews Chruch School
25Susie Liu0wU8Bristol Grammar School
26Theo Williamson0U8Widcombe CofE Junior School