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Shropshire Megafinal 2023 Under 8

Last update 10.06.2023 17:49:11, Creator/Last Upload: ChristopherLewis

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Starting rank

1Lotz, Daniel883U7Coventry Chess Academy
2Ashok, Reeya748wU8Newcastle Under Lyme School
3Kaul, Samay673U8Mayfield Prepatory School
4Kaur, Seeraht568wU8Bloxwich Juniors
5McCumiskey, Arthur311U6Harborne Primary
6Bowler, George0U8Newcastle Under Lyme School
7Cole, Ethan0U7Seabridge Primary School
8Murray, George0U8Alsager Chess Club
9Nazir, Eesa0U7Bloxwich Chess Club
10Ostrowski, Elijah0U7The Blue Coat School
11Pearce, Daniel0U8Edge Hill Academy
12Taylor, Zac0U7Shropshire Junior Chess Club
13Vinu, Vinayak0U8St George's Junior School