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Midas Paints Chess Cup 2023 Term 2 Open

Last update 17.04.2023 09:57:33, Creator/Last Upload: Susan Mittermaier

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Starting rank

1Willenberg, CraigRSA2115
2PMLewis, MarkRSA1754
3Schuller, AshleyRSA1713
4Willenberg, RolandRSA1580
5Willenberg, GlenRSA1556
6Willenberg, ShaunRSA1489
7Crotz, GreaganRSA1248
8Oosthuizen, EthanRSA882
9Viljoen, LuccaRSA800
10Marais, JordanRSA0
11Oosthuizen, RobertRSA0