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2023 Welsh Championship

Last update 10.04.2023 21:16:56, Creator/Last Upload: Kevin

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Starting rank

1FMKozusek, Daniel349500WLS2331
2FMToczek, Grzegorz1106457WLS2260
3Everett, Elijah12973696WLS2202
4FMBlackburn, Jonathan L B1801090WLS2162
5CMBullen, Alex1801627WLS2157
6FMKett, Tim1801210WLS2090
7Morris, Charles F1800140WLS2081
8Musson, Adam J424455WLS2002
9Fathallah, Joe1801899WLS1980
10Pleasants, Allan J411337WLS1975
11Hatchett, Paul1802330WLS1967
12Rathbone-Jones, Ifan1803859WLS1946
13AGMVan Kemenade, Rudy410942WLS1936
14Davis, Lee1801325WLS1906
15Jukes, Sam1803182WLS1900
16Fowler, Hugo433411WLS1890
17Turner, Joseph David1801520WLS1862
18WCMSmith, Lynda1800191WLS1786
19ACMMckenna, Joshua1802500WLS1688