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Reykjavik Open 2013

Last update 27.02.2013 19:03:57, Creator/Last Upload: Icelandic Chess Federation

Player overview for BUL

4GMCheparinov Ivan27090BUL111½101½1½7,552685101,30

Results of the last round for BUL

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
IMWei Yi25017 ½ - ½7 GMCheparinov Ivan2709

Player details for BUL

GM Cheparinov Ivan 2709 BUL Rp:2685 Pts. 7,5
1114Knútsson Lárus20721987ISL5s 10,890,11101,10
261WGMWang Jue23750CHN5,5w 10,880,12101,20
337WGMHuang Qian24780CHN6s 10,790,21102,10
417GMBaklan Vladimir26090UKR7w ½0,64-0,1410-1,40
535GMKristjansson Stefan24860ISL6s 10,780,22102,20
68GMEljanov Pavel26780UKR8w 00,54-0,5410-5,40
725GMShulman Yury25630USA7w 10,700,30103,00
816GML'ami Erwin26220NED7s ½0,62-0,1210-1,20
928GMYilmaz Mustafa25310TUR7w 10,730,27102,70
1032IMWei Yi25010CHN7,5s ½0,77-0,2710-2,70