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Medieval Adultos

Last update 05.01.2023 13:39:19, Creator/Last Upload: ARANCE, Luís

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Starting rank

1Gasco Lahuerta JoseESP2138EVA Manises
2Salvador Lopez DanielESP2121EVA Manises
3Ferrer Moreno JoseESP2108Albal
4Montesinos Diaz LuisESP2039EVA Manises
5Castellano Lopez XaviESP2030EVA Manises
6Arance Gonzalez LuisESP1972EVA Manises
7Gutierrez Marco DarioESP1957Monteolivete
8Martin Ayala DavidESP1945Albal
9Corrales Ucles EduESP1896Albal
10Navarro DenisESP1872Medieval
11Martinez Hernandez PaulaESP1822EVA Manises
12De Lorenzo JavierESP1767Medieval
13Orts Candela FrancescESP1160Valencia
14Cabral Alamo JoelESP0Valencia
15Contu IsaacESP0EVA Manises
16Dolz Gonzalez CarlosESP0Albal
17Dragos AdrianESP0Medieval
18Liebana Villacañas CarlosESP0Valencia
19Pascual Rodenas Juan CarlosESP0Valencia
20Pereyra PabloESP0EVA Manises
21Quilodran Montoya CristobalESP0Medieval