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12th Esfahan Chess League Championship

Last update 09.12.2022 20:45:10, Creator/Last Upload: Vahid Dastjerdi

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Team-Starting rank

1Arya Club of Shahinshahr2162
2Pishgam Novin-e-Raymand Club of Shahreza2140
3Armen Club2045
4Esfahan Chess Board1832
5Khayam Club of Esfahan1815
6Achmaz Club of Esfahan1802
7Palayeshgah-e- Naft of Esfahan(A)1749
8Sepahan Team1716
9Elaheh-e-Shatranj Club of Shahreza1504
10Esfahan City Pishkesvatan1477
11Najafabad Chess Board1463
12Nokhbegan-e-Soroush Club of Mobarakeh1455
13Zehn-e-Bartar (1) Club1382
14Fisher Team1380
15ShahinShahr Chess Board1308
16Zehn-e-Bartar (2) Club1256
17Fooladshahr Achmaz Club (Youth)1178
18Zehn-e-Bartar (4) Club1148
19AmirKabir Club1123
20Juniors of Armen Club1108
21Nik Andishan Club of Sepahanshahr1098
22Zehn-e-Bartar (3) Club1097
23Andisheh Club1044
24PahlevanSadegh Club(1)1033
25PahlevanSadegh Club(2)1000
26PahlevanSadegh Club(3)1000
27Palayeshgah-e- Naft of Esfahan(B)1000