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10th Khazar Cup International Open Chess Tournament [Group A] FEB 29-MAR 07,2012 Rasht-Iran

Last update 07.03.2012 13:34:49, Creator/Last Upload: IA maghsoud giahy

Player overview for RUS

3GMKorneev Oleg2584RUS11111½½½½½½8310-1,00 Group A+2100

Results of the last round for RUS

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Iskandarov Misratdin2305 ½ - ½ GMKorneev Oleg2584

Player details for RUS

GM Korneev Oleg 2584 RUS Rp:2569 Pts. 8
154Ghaziolsharif Kaveh2194IRI6,5s 10,09100,90
234Nasri Amin2329IRI6w 10,19101,90
320IMAzaladze Shota2403GEO7,5s 10,26102,60
48GMBabujian Levon2474ARM6,5w 10,35103,50
514GMToufighi Homayoon2444IRI7,5s 10,31103,10
613IMIdani Pouya2448IRI9w ½-0,1810-1,80
725IMSharbaf Mohsen2387IRI7s ½-0,2510-2,50
84GMAbbasov Farid2551AZE6,5w ½-0,0510-0,50
912IMQuparadze Giga2451GEO8,5s ½-0,1810-1,80
1030IMMoosavian S Hamed2343IRI8w ½-0,3010-3,00
1139Iskandarov Misratdin2305AZE8s ½-0,3410-3,40