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Dubai Open 2022

Last update 27.09.2022 17:32:04, Creator/Last Upload: IA Abdulrahim Mahdi

Player overview for LTU

77FMZujev Oleg2305LTU1½½00½1½½4,58820-27,80

Results of the last round for LTU

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
FMZujev OlegLTU23054 ½ - ½4 Aniruddh ChatterjeeIND2174

Player details for LTU

FM Zujev Oleg 2305 LTU Rp:2108 Pts. 4,5
1162Darsith Manoj Nair1437IND3,5w 1202,20
232GMChanda Sandipan2458IND6s ½204,00
326IMAditya Mittal2496IND6w ½205,00
430CMPrraneeth Vuppala2464IND4,5s 020-5,80
5132Rohit S1937IND4,5w 020-17,80
6127Mustafayev Nihad1982AZE3,5s ½20-7,40
7135Mokhtari Moghadam Taha1929IRI3w 1202,20
8112Devnani Kush2095IND5s ½20-5,40
9104Aniruddh Chatterjee2174IND4,5w ½20-3,60