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Hamburg Chess Club GM Invitational 2022

Last update 27.05.2022 15:24:59, Creator/Last Upload: fcstpauli1910

Starting rank list of players

10GMProhaszka Peter726265HUN2579ESV Nickelhütte Aue
9GMMendonca Leon Luke35028561IND2551
4IMSvane Frederik12923044GER2501Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
5GMKotronias Vasilios5900212GRE2465
7IMCarlstedt Jonathan24614386GER2444SAbt SV Werder Bremen
6IMKöllner Ruben Gideon12993093GER2440SF Deizisau
1IMSouleidis Georgios4206827GRE2430Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
2IMTrent Lawrence408638ENG2398SK Norderstedt von 1975
3IMColpe Malte24623075GER2348Hamburger SK von 1830 eV
8FMWoelk Tom-Frederic12993077GER2315Hamburger SK von 1830 eV