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Open Noord Nederlands Jeugdkampioenschap 2022 AB

Last update 14.05.2022 17:26:11, Creator/Last Upload: NOSBO

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Starting rank

1Wage Sander8824695NED1951BStaunton
2Niemeijer Leon8598238NED1678BAssen
3Visser Berend8718567NED1241APaardensprong
4Knobbe Elise8669881NED1190wBMid Fryslan
5Van den Berg Leon8552973NED1099BMSV Meppel
6Jorritsma Eli Alia8728214NED1081wBPaardensprong
7Van Steinvoorn Jelmer8702639NED1010BMid Fryslan
8Noorlander Jurjen8669936NED1002BDe Twee Kastelen
9Smeding Abe8774491NED962BMatadoren
10Blokzijl Ruben8693751NED925BDAC Delfzijl
11Bos Nissim Dani8833946NED819BPaardensprong
12Flamma Daniel8957256NED0BStaunton