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Obert Internacional Ciutat de Badalona Memorial M Castella Grup A 289985

Last update 12.08.2022 14:39:41, Creator/Last Upload: Miquel Fernandez-Diaz Mascort

Player overview for MEX

9IMTorres Rosas Luis Carlos23230MEX1½½1110½05,514Grup A

Results of the last round for MEX

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Krishnan Ritvik1968 1 - 0 IMTorres Rosas Luis Carlos2323

Player details for MEX

IM Torres Rosas Luis Carlos 2323 MEX Rp:2228 Pts. 5,5
138MKNadal Fajardo Ricard20222195ESP0,5s 1
226Iglesias Ojeda Fernando20642185ESP4,5w ½
328Doraszelski Alexander20600GER5s ½
424Deodhar Vrushali Umesh21010IND5w 1
516FMMeessen Rudolf22170BEL4,5s 1
618Arpan Das (Jr)21730IND5w 1
72IMAronyak Ghosh25120IND7s 0
817Saurabh Anand22110IND6,5w ½
943Krishnan Ritvik19680IND6,5s 0