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Obert Internacional Ciutat de Badalona Memorial M Castella Grup A 289985

Last update 12.08.2022 14:39:41, Creator/Last Upload: Miquel Fernandez-Diaz Mascort

Player overview for CUB

3IMBerdayes Ason Dylan Isidro24890CUB10111½½1½6,53Grup A
35WIMFernandez Rivero Karla July20260CUB1½00½0100344Grup A

Results of the last round for CUB

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
IMAronyak Ghosh2512 ½ - ½6 IMBerdayes Ason Dylan Isidro2489
Gupta Rajesh R.S.17343 + - -3 WIMFernandez Rivero Karla July2026

Player details for CUB

IM Berdayes Ason Dylan Isidro 2489 CUB Rp:2427 Pts. 6,5
132Shah Vishwa20360IND5s 1
218Arpan Das (Jr)21730IND5w 0
340Nagare Akhilesh20000IND4,5s 1
414WGMChernyak Viktoria22390FID6w 1
513IMVidarte Morales Arturo22912381PER5,5s 1
68GMPerez Mitjans Orelvis23832426ESP4,5w ½
75IMAnuj Shrivatri24130IND7w ½
812IMPerpinya Rofes Lluis Maria23012420ESP5s 1
92IMAronyak Ghosh25120IND7s ½
WIM Fernandez Rivero Karla July 2026 CUB Rp:1821 Pts. 3
16IMPranesh M24040IND0- 1K
213IMVidarte Morales Arturo22912381PER5,5s ½
311IMCruz Filemon23160PER6,5w 0
433Van Den Bosch Arno20280BEL3s 0
551Amit Panchal17890IND3,5w ½
652WFMGreeshma Anand Dhumal17820IND4s 0
753Torres Teruel Joan17401982ESP2,5w 1
846Herman Gamazo Isaac19072144ESP5w 0
954Gupta Rajesh R.S.17340IND4- 0K