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Campionatul RM 2021 la şah rapid, tineret 16, 18, 20 ani, femenin

Last update 11.12.2021 13:33:33, Creator/Last Upload: CHESS FEDERATION OF MOLDOVA

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Starting rank

1Varekha Anna13909940MDA1557Tiraspol
2Tuktamisova Diana13909932MDA1542Tiraspol
3Bargan Victoria13908197MDA1518Chisinau
4Dulteva Anastasia13910272MDA1324Chisinau
5Verbin Cleopatra13910825MDA1212Chisinau
6Bitca Emilia13909720MDA1195Chisinau
7Dabija Paula13908880MDA1176Chisinau
8Mamaliga Camelia13910841MDA1081Chisinau
9Chiosa Elena13910191MDA1027Chisinau
10Targon Roxana13910744MDA1016Chisinau
11Golubas Ecaterina13913484MDA1000Falesti