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Thank you for participating in this event!

The list of prize-winners is available at the Witney CC homepage.

1st Witney Online Congress Open

Last update 09.11.2020 17:51:59, Creator/Last Upload: 4NCL

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Starting rank

1Finn Peter432156ENG2125
2Paul Nathanael424510ENG2125
3Handley Michael R450740ENG2080
4Hayward Philip T20672870ENG2073
5Moyse Nigel J802514WLS2065
6Smith Simon472379ENG2043
7Olbison Philip J425486ENG2035
8Cole James431818ENG2028
9Gillespie David P2402769SCO2020
10Shapland David456560ENG2020
11Hilton Tim424226ENG2005
12Merriman James452270ENG2005
13Pichugov Andrey490075ENG1998
14Parry Samuel A460397ENG1983
15Verma Shlok441228ENG1945
16Jones Ian Robert1802372WLS1944
17Blinkhorn JoshuaENG1915
18Zheng Harry Z460982ENG1915
19Hammond Benjamin452696ENG1908
20Webb AndrewENG1893
21Cole Graham L431559ENG1885
22Kumar Soham473189ENG1870
23Mellor Jessica454079ENG1863
24Turner Lewis A412600ENG1863
25Arora Tashika459305ENG1855
26Usharovsky Ron64300773ENG1848
27Hobson Kenneth480819ENG1840
28Zhu Hou Ning461008ENG1803
29Doherty Paul D451126ENG1780
30Turner Sam474770ENG1773
31Usharovsky Tom452165ENG1758
32Banerjee Sanjoy K462799ENG1728
33Southcott-Moyers Indy488542ENG1668
34Wright Andrew D419575ENG1518
35Cooper Dylan E485160ENG1390