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SM 2011

Last update 25.07.2011 00:19:20, Creator/Last Upload: Västerås Schackklubb

Starting rank list of players

2GMBerg Emanuel26042662Burgsvik Alva Sk
1GMHector Jonny25682660Limhamns Sk
10GMTikkanen Hans25962650Lunds Ask
3GMHillarp Persson Tiger25472607Lunds Ask
9GMCarlsson Pontus24962597Sollentuna Sk
8GMGrandelius Nils25422583Lunds Ask
6GMCramling Pia24722580Sollentuna Sk
7IMEriksson Johan24012442Västerås Sk
5IMLindberg Bengt23912436Solna Ss
4FMWesterberg Jonathan23132314Vallentuna Sk