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1. Online-Turnier Herrenkader

Last update 25.04.2020 11:13:46, Creator/Last Upload: Helene Mira

Starting rank list of players

1GMRagger Markus1610856AUT2679Schachclub Mpoe Maria Saal
10GMDragnev Valentin1634852AUT25531. Sk Ottakring
2GMShengelia David13601270AUT2544Absam
8IMBlohberger Felix1632051AUT24671. Sk Ottakring
9GMDiermair Andreas1612468AUT2465Sv Raika Rapid Feffernitz
6IMFröwis Georg1618423AUT24571. Sk Ottakring
4IMHorvath Dominik1642561AUT2446Sv Pamhagen
7IMSchreiner Peter1621645AUT2440Sv Raika Rapid Feffernitz
3FMLeisch Lukas1632094AUT2362Tsu Wartberg/Aist
5FMMorgunov Marc1640305AUT2341Tschaturanga