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Aeroflot Open 2020 A

Last update 27.02.2020 20:18:47, Creator/Last Upload: St.Petersburg Chess Federation

Player overview for IRI

3GMMaghsoodloo Parham2674IRI10½½11½0½536Open A
43GMIdani Pouya2577IRI½11½½½½½½5,513Open A

Results of the last round for IRI

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
9919GMDeac Bogdan-DanielROU26265 ½ - ½5 GMIdani PouyaIRI257743
91339GMVaibhav SuriIND2591 ½ - ½ GMMaghsoodloo ParhamIRI26743

Player details for IRI

GM Maghsoodloo Parham 2674 IRI Rp:2606 Pts. 5
152GMFrolyanov Dmitry2556RUS4w 1
236GMSargsyan Shant2594ARM4,5s 0
349GMAryan Chopra2562IND4,5w ½
450IMIvic Velimir2558SRB3,5s ½
554GMKunin Vitaly2550GER5w 1
641GMWagner Dennis2590GER4,5s 1
738GMAleksandrov Aleksej2592BLR6w ½
871IMSuleymanli Aydin2474AZE6,5w 0
939GMVaibhav Suri2591IND5s ½
GM Idani Pouya 2577 IRI Rp:2676 Pts. 5,5
191IMMendonca Leon Luke2418IND3s ½
295IMBuksa Nataliya2403UKR3w 1
37GMKovalev Vladislav2650BLR5,5s 1
417GMParavyan David2629RUS6w ½
51GMArtemiev Vladislav2728RUS5s ½
615GMAravindh Chithambaram Vr.2630IND6,5w ½
75GMSarana Alexey2656RUS5s ½
823GMZhou Jianchao2622CHN5w ½
919GMDeac Bogdan-Daniel2626ROU5,5s ½