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Turnir mira Zagreb, 19.-30.11.2019.

Last update 30.11.2019 16:00:51, Creator/Last Upload: IA Eduard Piacun

Starting rank list of players

8GMCheparinov Ivan2905540GEO2679
4GMIvanchuk Vassily14100010UKR2679
3GMDreev Aleksey4100107RUS2671
9GMBacrot Etienne605506FRA2669
10GMRagger Markus1610856AUT2669
5GMMelkumyan Hrant13302485ARM2661
11GMNisipeanu Liviu-Dieter1202758GER2656
12GMBosiocic Marin14507927CRO2598
1GMKozul Zdenko14502879CRO2593
6GMStevic Hrvoje14502569CRO2563
7GMPalac Mladen14500116CRO2550
2GMZelcic Robert14500310CRO2526