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Delancey UKCC Oxford Megafinal Under 7 Boys and Girls Saturday 1 June 2019

Last update 03.06.2019 14:57:17, Creator/Last Upload: Emma-Jane Billington-Phillips

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Starting rank

1Magidor-Sternberg Uri31919945School St Barnabas Chess Club St. G
2Amore Elizabeth3190560wJacques Prevert
3Backhouse Jemima84390wSt Josephs Catholic Primary School
4Barber Dominic51830New College School
5Barrio Lopez Carlos87350St Josephs Catholic Primary School
6Brack Jakob51690Ss Philip And James Church Of Engla
7Chappell Eleni84350wEmmanuel Christian School
8Douglas Jack100560
9Du Emily51670wPhil And Jim
10Gray Kate101720w
11Lemon James94130Woottonbywoodstock Primary School
12Liu Franklin51560Christ Church Cathedral School
13Mckean Alexander51760New College School
14Min Jihwan85790Danes Hill School
15Ogunniyi Mathan51620Christchurch Cathedral School Oxfor
16Pai Tingkai182550The Mall
17Tan Jun Yan85870Bicester Junior Chess Cub
18Webb Jude52060Woodcote Primary School
19Weerapperuma Ruveesha184860
20Wood Rebecca51870wEmmanuel Christian School
21Yang Lucas183010Ong
22Yoon Kaixiang999990St Josephs