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Aeroflot Open 2019 B

Last update 07.03.2019 12:10:20, Creator/Last Upload: St.Petersburg Chess Federation

Player overview for MGL

18IMBilguun Sumiya2471MGL½01½111½½618Open B
118FMByambaa Zulzaga2166MGL0001½00102,5118Open B

Results of the last round for MGL

Rd.Bo.No.NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtgNo.
9718IMBilguun SumiyaMGL2471 ½ - ½ Sammed Jaykumar SheteIND238753
956118FMByambaa ZulzagaMGL2166 0 - 1 Gluhovsky MarkRUS228993

Player details for MGL

IM Bilguun Sumiya 2471 MGL Rp:2474 Pts. 6
181FMYeritsyan Aram2325RUS4,5w ½
268GMBaghdasaryan Vahe2354ARM5s 0
393Gluhovsky Mark2289RUS3,5w 1
4101Zhang Xuan2257CHN5,5s ½
583FMDudin Gleb2323RUS5w 1
655FMKardashevskiy Evgeny2382RUS5s 1
735Bazeev German2423RUS4w 1
843Pershin Denis2400RUS6s ½
953Sammed Jaykumar Shete2387IND6w ½
FM Byambaa Zulzaga 2166 MGL Rp:2179 Pts. 2,5
154IMKanter Eduard2386RUS4s 0
267Makarian Rudik2358RUS4w 0
344WIMBalajayeva Khanim2397AZE4s 0
442IMYuferov Sergey N2401RUS3w 1
550FMTsoi Dmitry2392RUS2,5s ½
694Zaika Daniil2289RUS4,5w 0
781FMYeritsyan Aram2325RUS4,5s 0
896Mochalin Faddey2270RUS1,5s 1
993Gluhovsky Mark2289RUS3,5w 0