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Öppna Skaramästerskapet 2018

Last update 26.10.2018 08:38:47, Creator/Last Upload: Rickard Dahlström

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Starting rank

1FMEklund Lars-Göran1701010SWE2168Skara SS
2Friberg Hans1701088SWE2118Skara SS
3Dahlström Rickard1702050SWE1987Skara SS
4Kjellqvist Niklas1723928SWE1979Skara SS
5Koski Viljo1717553SWE1876Lidköpings SS
6Wiman Kenneth1707442SWE1870Skövde SS
7Bratic Asim1720465SWE1799Skövde SS
8Kjellqvist Fredrik1723936SWE1794Skara SS
9Ragnar Patrik1732730SWE1652Skara SS
10Svantesson Per-Erik1734261SWE1354Skara SS
11Eklund Lars1737287SWE0Skara SS
12Gustavsson Johan1747592SWE0Skövde SS