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34th European Club Cup 2018

Last update 24.10.2018 13:39:35, Creator/Last Upload: middlewave

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Team-Composition without round-results

  6. Obiettivo Risarcimento Padova (RtgAvg:2657 / TB1: 11 / TB2: 228) Captain: Danyyil Dvirnyy
1GMWang Hao2722CHN86028833,562652
2GMLeko Peter2690HUN703303462713
3GMVallejo Pons Francisco2713ESP2205530462673
4GMGranda Zuniga Julio E2641PER3800024462686
5GMVocaturo Daniele2615ITA813192553341
6GMDavid Alberto2561ITA4000013352467
7GMBrunello Sabino2548ITA8136132,552405
8GMDvirnyy Danyyil2480ITA817570332970