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Brugse Meesters 2018

Last update 18.08.2018 13:29:20, Creator/Last Upload: KBSK Brugge

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMKorneev Oleg2513ESP 40w1 36b1 20w1 57b1 2w1 4b1 6w½7,513652,5
2GMWan Yunguo2501CHN 25w1 19b1 36w1 8w1 10b1 3w½ 1b0 14w1 9b17,504058
3IMVav Rajesh2325IND 28w1 4b½ 41w1 17b1 12w1 2b½ 16w1 5b½ 15w½7037,557,5
4GMZeng Chongsheng2539CHN 22b1 3w½ 11b½ 64w1 13b1 56w1 7b1 1w0 21b17035,556
5GMNikolov Momchil2549FID 78w1 18b½ 99w1 10w½ 11b½ 63b1 33w1 3w½ 17b17034,553
6IMKoziak Vitali2476UKR 95w1 36b0114w1 25b½ 48w1 62b1 99w1 8w1 1b½7033,551
7FMTomov Georgi2307BUL 94w1 13b½ 27w1 59b1 33w½121b1 4w0 16b1 11b½6,503551
8GMTurner Matthew J2533SCO 26w1 20b1 33w1 2b0 18w½ 74b1 10w1 6b0 36w16,5034,555
9IMVan Foreest Lucas2488NED 21b1 14w1 10b0 49w½ 19w1 47b1 18w1 12b1 2w06,503456
10IMPonnuswamy Shyaamnikhil2389IND 24w1 40b1 9w1 5b½ 2w0 45b1 8b0 60w1 37b16,503454,5
11FMChintagunta Mehar chinna reddy2344IND114w1 77b1 4w½ 18b½ 5w½127b1 17w½ 40b1 7w½6,503451,5
12IMGeirnaert Steven2427BEL107w1 37b1100w1 3b0 58w1 56b1 9w0 38b16,503448,5
13GMDgebuadze Alexandre2511BEL 39b1 7w½ 58b½ 29w1 4w0122b1 73w1 42b½ 41w16,5031,550,5
14FMEhmann Thilo2303GER 63w1 9b0 94w½107b1186w1124b1 61w1 2b0 35w16,5031,548
15IMRavi Teja Sanka2374IND 93b1 38w½100b0 50w1 22b½ 89w1 67b1 39w1 3b½6,503149
16Ouaki Mark1592BEL165w1 86b1 85w1 73b0136w1 98b1 3b0 7w0 66b+603445,5
17IMLai Hing Ting2459NED 90b1 58w½ 46b1 3w0 41b1 37w1 11b½ 22w1 5w06032,553
18FMBisby Dan2314ENG108b1 5w½105b1 11w½ 8b½161w1 9b0100w1 26b½603249,5
19WGMFrayna Janelle Mae2278PHI 53b1 2w0108b1 51w1 9b0126w1 75b1 21w0 84b1603050
20FMBaba Masahiro2306JPN 50b1 8w0 28b1 66w1 1b0 70w½ 53b1 30w½ 80b1602952,5
21WIMGalunova Tsveta2148FID 9w0 35b1 98w1 33b0101w1125b1 68w1 19b1 4w0602948
22Hill Alistair2176ENG 4w0 67b½ 47w1 27b1 15w½101b1 86w1 17b0 83w16027,550,5
23IMMiciano John Marvin2381PHI 40w0 27b½ 67w1 26b½ 83w1 69b1104w1 35b½ 24w½6027,548,5
24Russell Christopher2117ENG 10b0135w1 84b1 58w½ 37b0119w1 70b1 46w1 23b½6027,547,5
25Mesman Edwyn2154NED 2b0 71w1 31b1 6w½ 58b0115w1 43b1 34w½ 60b1602751
26CMVilliers Thomas2164ENG 8b0 72w½ 44b1 23w½ 51b1133w1 65b½ 56w1 18w½602748,5
27Wilks Simon1999ENG 55b1 23w½ 7b0 22w0110b1139w½183b1128w1 90b1602644,5
28Mitran Anthony Cristian2096BEL 3b0126w1 20w0 76b1 36w½201b1127w1 58b½ 61w16025,544,5
29Decrop Benjamin2211BEL 52w½ 82b½ 83w1 13b0 73w0147b1187w1 86b1 77w16025,544
30Du Yuxin2064CHN 99w½ 46b0136w1 48b0 87w1184b1122w1 20b½ 59w16025,543,5
31Surender Anil2031SWE 36w0138b1 25w0 69b½122w1166b1 48w½ 68b1 58w16024,543,5
32Humphreys Jerry2032ENG 92b0118w½ 45b1 38w0 70b½137w1151b1 71w1 64b16023,543
33GMGonzales Jayson2383PHI 97b1 92w1 8b0 21w1 7b½ 43w1 5b0 66w½ 54b½5,503152,5
34Müller Martin2078BEL202w1182b1187w½113b1 47w0 99b0 92w1 25b½ 40w½5,503141
35CMBagri Advait1926SGP128b1 21w0149b1123w1108b0102w1 64b1 23w½ 14b05,503044
36Townsend Paul2246ENG 31b1 6w1 2b0 1w0 28b½135w1109b1 50w1 8b05,5028,555
37FMPel Bonno2281NED 82w½ 52b1 12w0 94b1 24w1 17b0 74w1 63b1 10w05,5028,550,5
38NMBoffa Mauro2216SUI 83w1 15b½ 59w0 32b1 63w0132b1 47w1 62b1 12w05,502848,5
39Beckett Chris2155ENG 13w0 62b1 73w1 61b½ 59w½167b1 98w1 15b0 52w½5,502846,5
40Faure Stephane2116FRA 23b1 10w0 1b0 89w1128b1183w1 57b1 11w0 34b½5,5027,549
41Dauw Sterre2192BEL109w1 3b0 77b1 17w0150w1 81b1 65w1 13b05,5027,547,5
42Balje Jan2200NED 84b0106w1 80b½109w½105b1128w1 44b1 13w½ -05,5027,545,5
43Lakhsmi Venkata Anusha Narava1898IND159w1 90w½ 97b½ 95b½ 94w1 33b0 25w0162b1114w15,5027,543,5
44Larsen Sander1929BEL140w½153b1 26w0157b1114w1 61b½ 42w0 78b½107w15,5027,543
45Auwens Michel1880NED116w1107b½ 32w0153b1216w+ 10w0 66b0165b1108w15,502743,5
46WIMRatsma Rosa2286NED 80b½ 30w1 17w0 63b½ 52w1164b½ 82w1 24b0 57w15,5026,547,5
47De Bock Thijs1959BEL152w1 22b0118w1 34b1 9w0 38b0137w1100b15,5026,545
48Guennigmann Manuel2216GER109b½ 80w½ 50b½ 30w1 6b0113w1 31b½ 72w1 51b½5,502649
49Damen Jip2183NED 77w0 73b1 82w1 9b½ 61w0 91b1 62w0164b1105w15,502545
50Mameli Gianluca2065ITA 20w0101b1 48w½ 15b0 91w1168b1162w1 36b0 98w15,5024,544,5
51WFMGitu Paula-Alexandra1990MDA101w0160b1148w1 19b0 26w0191b1138w1121b1 48w½5,5024,541
52Vinsot Robin-Gael2028FRA 29b½ 37w0190b1 92w½ 46b0117w1143b1 85w1 39b½5,502443,5
53Quiñones Maletti Julio Guillermo2041DEN 19w0201b1 78w½186b0 88w1103b1 20w0167b1101w15,5023,542
54Verhelst Joris2098BEL 59w0 69b1 61w0 98b0140w1156b1141w1125b1 33w½5,5022,541
55Devolder Dieter2003BEL 27w0 61b0179b1130w1 64b0173w½155b1110w1102b15,502140
56Hu Yik Kwan1504HKG212w1194b1112w1 71w1 66b½ 4b0 12w0 26b0 82w½503344,5
57Gottfried Jonathan1784BEL146b½133w1117b½154w1 79b1 1w0 40w0 73b1 46b0502944,5
58FMDardha Daniel2302BEL216w1 17b½ 13w½ 24b½ 25w1 12b0121w1 28w½ 31b05028,550,5
59IMde Jong Migchiel2339NED 54b1100w½ 38b1 7w0 39b½ 76w1 60b0 75w1 30b05028,548,5
60Rosenauer Horst1958GER167w1 78b0201w½116b1 95w½145b1 59w1 10b0 25w0502843
61IMChernov Vadim2412ROU100b0 55w1 54b1 39w½ 49b1 44w½ 14b0 67w1 28b0502749,5
62Todts Benny1938BEL119b1 39w0111b½155w1 97b1 6w0 49b1 38w0 93b½502746,5
63Mullink Jochem2065NED 14b0110w1 92b1 46w½ 38b1 5w0161b1 37w0 76b½5026,548
64WIMGevorgyan Maria2228ARM216w1 4b0 55w1112b1 35w0104b1 32w05026,545,5
65Scott Luke1873IRL154b1 90w0143b1134w1 26w½ 41b0 94w½5026,542,5
66Moreto Quintana Alex2121ESP160w1 20b0 56w½ 87b1 45w1 33b½ 16w-502645,5
67Larsen Harald1960BEL115b1 22w½ 23b0141w½117b1129w1 15w0 61b0144w1502644
68Degrieck Peter1507BEL214b1149w0196b1117w0178b1106w1 21b0 31w0126b+502637
69De Blende Nando1822BEL157b1 54w0143b1 31w½ 80b½ 23w0129b1 90w0130b15025,543,5
70Juciute Einora1828LTU158w1114b0174w1216b½ 32w½ 20b½ 24w0122b½123w15025,541,5
71Molinari Carlo1912ITA148w1 25b0144w1 56b0138w1162b½107w½ 32b0147w15025,541
72Feltman Bart1943NED194w1 26b½186w0201b1107w0165b1 78w½ 48b0158w15025,539,5
73Van Randtwijk Mick1994NED150b1 49w0 39b0 16w1 29b1123w1 13b0 57w0128b1502545,5
74De Vent Rens1969BEL 79b0143w1141b½111w1168b1 8w0 37b0161w1 95b½502541,5
75Van Vooren Gert1954BEL110b0142w1151w1 92b½189b1 19w0 59b0138w15024,540
76Ehmann Johanna1834GER138w0184b1178w1 28w0125b1 59b0131w1107b½ 63w½5024,539
77Barzeele Raf2009BEL 49b1 11w0 95b½ 41w0126b½154w1133b1 79w1 29b0502446
78Milosevic Gligor2178SUI 5b0 60w1 53b½105w½109b½152w1 72b½ 44w½ 81b½502446
79Steijn Sjaak1753NED 74w1 94b0124w1 83b0 57w0193b1189w1 77b0121w1502439,5
80Babaoglu Cumhur2043TUR 46w½ 48b½ 42w½ 99b0 69w½185b1140w1123b1 20w05023,544,5
81Santos Joao1963POR187w½140b½116w½128w0155b1202b1 41w0127b1 78w½5023,536
82Harringer Manfred2042GER 37b½ 29w½ 49b0126w½135b1146w1 46b0115w1 56b½502345
83Chauvon Guillaume2030BEL 38b0154w1 29b0 79w1 23b0190w1149b1126w1 22b0502344
84Peeters Tim2024BEL 42w1 99b0 24w0101b0141w1188b1111w1124b1 19w0502343,5
85Vanhee Lars1789BEL182w1108w0 16b0142b½153w1186b½145w1 52b0122w1502341
86Yilmaz Babaoglu Ezgi1891TUR111b0 16w0192b1173w1130b1163w1 22b0 29w0149b1502340
87Downey Keith mr1829WLS155b½141w½173b1108w½ 30b0 66w0130b½143w1133b1502339,5
88Yeh Timo1760NED104b½171w1106w½ 53b0100w0146b½184b1145w1502339
89Pavée Louis1860FRA201w0156b1138w1 40b0147w1 15b0123w0160b1125w1502338,5
90WIMLigia Letitia Jicman2134ROU 17w0 43b½132w½ 65b1 98w0174b1194w1 69b1 27w05022,543
91Vintioen Ben1873BEL118b0161w1130b1 93w½ 50b0 49w0153b½154w1142b15022,540
92Nabuurs Mart2248NED 32w1 33b0 63w0 52b½ 75w½158b1 34b0153w1140w15021,544,5
93Stevens Christian2110FRA 15w0 98b0140w1 91b½132w1111b½148w1101b½ 62w½5021,542
94Cocquyt Tijs2077BEL 7b0 79w1 14b½ 37w0 43b0195w1201b1150w1 65b½502143,5
95Luminet Denis2144BEL 6b0 77w½ 43w½ 60b½182b1167w½112b1 74w½502143
96Avis Fred ( A.F.R. )1793NED153w½187b½103w½122b0142w0217b1184w½185b1124w15020,531,5
97Altea Alessandro2116ITA 33w0136b½ 43w½132b½ 62w0198b1116w½178b1148w1501939
98Follesa Enrico1856BEL149b1 93w1 21b0 54w1 90b1 16w0 39b0108w½ 50b04,502946,5
99FMVerstraeten Rein2303BEL 30b½ 84w1 5b0 80w1100b1 34w1 6b0 -0 -04,5027,551,5
100den Hartog Marijn2118NED 61w1 59b½ 15w1 12b0 99w0 88b1164w1 18b0 47w04,502749
101Piceu Jarid1773BEL 51b1 50w0102b1 84w1 21b0 22w0163b1 93w½ 53b04,502646,5
102Wu Sitang1403CHN174w1158b1101w0138b0177w1 35b0112w½136b1 55w04,5025,539
103Kellner Nikolaus1571AUT205b1115w1 96b½110w0150b0 53w0152b1105w0167w14,5024,538
104Bergré Joachim1988SWE152b½ 88w½128b0178w1190b1131w1 23b0 64w0111b½4,502438,5
105Chaerle Josse1996BEL112w1186b½ 18w0 78b½ 42w0171b1144w½103b1 49b04,5023,544
106Danneel Geert1979BEL200w1 42b0159w1 88b½121w½ 68b0125w0177b½182w14,5023,538
107FMVerduyn Frédéric2125BEL 12b0 45w½118b1 14w0 72b1110w1 71b½ 76w½ 44b04,5022,547,5
108Somerfield Adrian2082ENG 18w0 85b1 19w0 87b½ 35w1142b1124w½ 98b½ 45b04,5022,545
109Dahlgren Jonas2029SWE 48w½ 41b0113w1 42b½ 78w½169b1 36w0144b½116w½4,5022,544
110Pu Linden1743BEL 75w1 63b0121w½103b1 27w0107b0202w1 55b0176w14,5022,541
111Koster Paul1712NED 86w1216b0 62w½ 74b0166w1 93w½ 84b0131b1104w½4,502241
112Boodts Jeroen1786BEL105b0188w1 56b0160w1123b1 64w0102b½ 95w0168b14,5021,538,5
113Carpentier Julian1794BEL190b½117w1109b0 34w0157w1 48b0168w1114b0177w14,5021,538
114Bleys Michiel2107BEL 11b0 70w1 6b0135w½ 44b0208w1134b1113w1 43b04,502045
115Juan Soriano Leo1752ESP 67w0103b0191w1185b1124w½ 25b0166w1 82b0162w14,5019,538
116Da Silva Heleno Jorit1704BEL 45b0139w1 81b½ 60w0161b0206w1 97b½129w1109b½4,5019,538
117Liu Mide1655CHN120w½113b0 57w½ 68b1 67w0 52b0193w1132b½164w+4,501939,5
118Vanroose Sibran1699BEL 91w1 32b½107w0 47b0127w0153b0209w1169b1165w14,501939
119Franklin Benjamin1742ENG 62w0166b½127w1121b0169w1 24b0165w0202b1181w14,501936
120Vermue Albert1793NED117b½190w0168b½174w½133b½143w0170b½179w1161b14,501832,5
121Xue Haowen0CHN207b1179w1110b½119w1106b½ 7w0 58b0 51w0 79b0402941
122Wang Yuanfeng0CHN137b1168w½156b1 96w1 31b0 13w0 30b0 70w½ 85b0402745
123Tang Zijie1519CHN210w1200b1164w1 35b0112w0 73b0 89b1 80w0 70b0402740
124Ong Weng Yan1454MAS206b1173w1 79b0149w1115b½ 14w0108b½ 84w0 96b0402740
125Lin Ze Jun1528HKG204b1128w0205b1148b1 76w0 21w0106b1 54w0 89b0402538,5
126Ponomarev Maximilian1803GER147w1 28b0177w1 82b½ 77w½ 19b0139w1 83b0 68w-4024,543,5
127Fowler Caspian1512WLS213b1151w½119b0193w1118b1 11w0 28b0 81w0150b½4024,539,5
128Fowler Hugo1733WLS 35w0125b1104w1 81b1 40w0 42b0186w+ 27b0 73w0402445,5
129Peeters Alex1476BEL197w1148b0212w1159b1164w0 67b0 69w0116b0187w1402334
130Verbeke Lucas1623BEL191w1171b1 91w0 55b0 86w0136b½ 87w½187b1 69w04022,539
131Goossens Senne1511BEL196w1167b½153w0180b1144w½104b0 76b0111w0190b14022,536
132Krosenbrink Marcel1908NED141b½155w1 90b½ 97w½ 93b0 38w0157b½117w½151b½402240,5
133Ismail Samer1581FRA180w½ 57b0197w1202b1120w½ 26b0 77w0194b1 87w0402239
134Yeh Nora0NED211b1167w½147b0156w1 65b0114w0158b0184w1402235
135Verhaeghe Philip1858BEL144w1 24b0147w1114b½ 82w0 36b0142w½ -0188b14021,540,5
136Rota Emile1859LUX151b1 97w½ 30b0190w½ 16b0130w½173b1102w0155b½4021,539,5
137Singh Vibhav1428IND122w0210b1194w1144b½201w0 32b0159w1 47b0141w½4021,536
138Zotikishvili Dimitri1669BEL 76b1 31w0 89b0102w1 71b0175w1 51b0163w1 75b0402143
139Naessens wolf1456BEL220w1116b0200w0212b1159w½ 27b½126b0151w½152b½402135,5
140Dgebuadze Marie1733BEL 44b½ 81w½ 93b0170w1 54b0172w1 80b0183w1 92b04020,541,5
141Rogge Parcival1728BEL132w½ 87b½ 74w½ 67b½ 84b0199w1 54b0146w½137b½4020,540,5
142Van der zand Ilan1611NED 75b0 85w½ 96b1108w0135b½172w1 91w0402041,5
143Zhou Luyu1598FRA176w1 74b0 69w0200b1 65w0120b1 52w0 87b0198w1402040,5
144Lepers Philippe1678BEL135b0172w1 71b0137w½131b½205w1105b½109w½ 67b0402037,5
145Froeyman Hugo1416BEL -0 -0213b1207w1179b1 60w0 85b0157w1 88b0402036
146Pfennig Konstantin1480GER 57w½180b0199w1165b0181w1 82b0 88w½141b½159w½4019,537,5
147Nolf Francky1659BEL126b0163w1135b0134w1 89b0 29w0171b1175w1 71b0401939,5
148Laimis Silkaitis1731LTU 71b0129w1 51b0125w0192b1176w1 93b0188w1 97b0401938,5
149Parvulescu Nicu1669ROU 98w0 68b1 35w0124b0165w1196b1 83w0191b1 86w0401938
150Temmerman Sander1779BEL 73w0185b½166w½184b½103w1 41b0169w1 94b0127w½401937,5

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Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results Of the players In the same point group)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)