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Maj Cupen 2018

Last update 03.05.2018 15:46:16, Creator/Last Upload: Rickard Dahlström

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Starting rank

1Eklund Lars-Göran1701010SWE2212Skara SS
2Dahlström Rickard1702050SWE2021Skara SS
3Olsson Bo1718550SWE1994Lidköpings SS
4Kjellqvist Niklas1723928SWE1963Skara SS
5Johansson Per1724126SWE1943Skara SS
6Beslagic Smail1734792SWE1930Lidköpings SS
7Koski Viljo1717553SWE1893Lidköpings SS
8Kjellqvis Fredrik1723936SWE1844Skara SS
9Wiman Kenneth1707442SWE1831Skövde SS
10Bratic Asim1720465SWE1791Skövde SS
11Gustavsson Johan1747592SWE1751Skövde SS
12Storm Ingemar1719734SWE1751Vara SS
13Lidgren Göran1750313SWE1736Skövde SS
14Ragnar Patrik1732730SWE1682Skara SS
15Eriksson Thore1748467SWE1634Vara SS
16Svantesson Per-Erik1734261SWE1521Skara SS
17Olsson Thomas1733370SWE1503Kristinebergs SK
18Löfgren John1715682SWE1466Lidköpings SS
19Eklund Lars1737287SWE0Skara SS
20Gustavsson Per1748580SWE0Vara SS
21Pavlic OliverSWE0Skövde SS
22Stenkvist Lennart1752030SWE0Vara SS