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Norrbottens Öppna DM 2017

Senast uppdaterad05.11.2017 17:09:43, Creator/Last Upload: schack64

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1Sergeev Alexey B.24133884RUS2002
2Lehtonen Simo501980FIN1970Schack 64
3Astrom Anders1721569SWE1879Boden SK
4Rova Per Olov1721623SWE1875Schack 64
5Salykin Aleksandr44107730RUS1790Schack 64
6Sandstrom Lennart1728580SWE1782ASSU
7Forsberg Mikael1706004SWE1755Boden SK
8Simkin Alexander4160428RUS1743
9Andersson Mats 19671722611SWE1671Luleå SS
10Ruokamo Vesa512460FIN1577KemTS
11Gustafsson Lars-Ake1717030SWE1565Schack 64
12Harlin Jacob1728180SWE1306Smarta Boden
13Harlin Patrick1728067SWE0Smarta Boden
14Ikonen Jari1736949SWE0Schack 64
15Kokkonen Sirpa515183FIN0Schack 64
16Norman Erik1744569SWE0Boden SK