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ASTRO Merdeka Rapid Open Team Chess Championship 2016

Last update 10.09.2016 11:48:03, Creator/Last Upload: Chess Association of Selangor

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Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Rk.SNoFEDTeamGroupGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
29PAMA Chess Club97111525825100
47PeBT - DEFM Selangor [M]96211426325103
58Tagaytay City Philippines9702142342499
613De Market A9702141862290
73Marfori Philippines953113251,523104
810The Empty Revolution953113216,522,596
911Calamba City Philippines9603122272591
1015Jakarta - A95221222624,590
114Jakarta - B9522122242397
1319IntChess Asia9603122212396
1414DU 31952212211,52395
151Chess Castle9603122082296
1612DATCC 19522122032387
1716Jakarta - C9432112022293
1828Klang BKT [M/S]9432112012290
1921Penang State Team [M/S]9513111892387
2027Jakarta - D Putri [L]95131118422,587
2130KL State Team [M/S]943211173,519,590
2218MARAN Senior951311169,520,584
2532Klang Valley Tigers951311164,52274
2631Pelajar SMP Indonesia [U16]951311163,519,582
2733Satu Malaysia [M]951311161,52181
2822Kinabalu A [M/S]951311152,518,589
2924Chess 64 [V]951311138,51881
3023Selangor B [M/S]95131113519,572
3143Cili Padi [M]9423101742282
3226DATCC 2942310169,519,587
3341Penang Overwalk [M/S]950410165,52279
3449Johor State Team [M/S]950410160,520,586
3529Seahorse KSRP Team [M]9423101512073
3660Chess Chess (U16)9342101421970
3720King KAPCAI [M]950410137,52082
3858UPM [M/IPT]950410133,51979
3946MAKSWIP [M/S/Govt]9504101281975
4050Perlis State Team [M/S]950410123,52168
4165MCE (Just Kidding) [M/U16]95041011519,567
4235Penang CLOBA A [M/S]94149148,519,577
4336Engko Memang Terrel [M]93339145,519,579
4452The White Knight [M/U16]941491341781
4537ASTRO Ladies [M/L]94149133,518,578
4648Selangor A [M/S/U16]94149129,519,573
4745The Old Frees Association [M/S]94149124,51781
4840Kelantan State Team [M/S]941491221875
4954Merdeka Warriors [M]9414912217,579
5151Dukes of Chess [M]933391141677
5268Penang Ladies State [M/S/L]94149112,51871
5373Penang Pink Fluffy Unicorns [M]933391101672
5462Penang U16 State Team [M/S/U16]941491021573
5579Nusa Mahkota Junior (Hang Nadim) [M/U16]9414910015,568
5677SSM United [M/U16]93248129,51871
5753Kinabalu C [M/S]916281241775
5842UTP Dragons [M/IPT]9324811917,570
5947Swordfish KSRP Team [M]93248117,517,573
6078MBS & WMS KL [M/U16]9405811619,568
6171G FORCE [M/L/U16]94058108,516,570
6255Kaki Chess Melaka [M/S]932481051670
6364Johor U16 State Team [M/S/U16]932481011770
6466Penang CLOBA B [M/S]932481001769
6576Poison Ivy [M/L/U16]9324888,516,562
6669Master Gambit [M]94058871763
6759Penang Chess Warriors [M]932488615,570
6870Perak Junior [M/S]93248751467
6938Kinabalu B [M/S]92347121,51777
7074Hornbill [M/U16]931571131871
7157PDRM A [M/Govt]93157112,515,579
7267MARAN Junior [M/U16]931571021670
7381Catholic High School [M/S/Sch]93157100,518,561
7475MBSSKL Jr. [M/U16/Sch]9234795,51764
7556Kinabalu D [M/S]9234790,513,576
7661NMA Conquerors [M]9315779,51465
7790Blackpearl KSRP Team [M]923477515,557
7872IJM / S2 Community [M]9315767,514,564
7963Stingray KSRP Team [M]931576612,562
8082SAS Putrajaya [U16/SCH]9315763,515,557
8180KBAT [M/S/U16/Sch]9225698,516,562
8285PDRM B [M/Govt]9225684,51659
8395Spearfish KSRP Team [M]9144682,51659
8483MBSSKL Team Knight [M/Sch]92256741266
8588CLHS Forces [M/S/U16/Sch]92256621262
8686Jonah's Warriors [M/S/U16]9225658,511,563
8791Johor U16 Girls [M/S/U16]9306641,511,556
8893GLOIRION [M/U16]92256291147
8984Chess Generation [M/U16]921655611,562
9089Team IMU [M/IPT]9135550,510,560
9194SXI B [M/U16/Sch]9216532,510,550
9225Indus International School B9126453,51248
9339Indus International School A [Sch]920744111,550
9487Sweet 13 Girls [M/L/U16]911734610,552
9592Lara's Knights [M/U16]91173197,551
9696SXI A [M/U16/Sch]90090184,554

Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 For wins, 1 For Draws, 0 For Losses)
Tie Break2: Olympiad-Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break without lowest result (Khanty-Mansiysk)
Tie Break3: points (game-points)
Tie Break4: Sum Matchpoints (2,1,0) without lowest result (Olympiad Khanty-Mansiysk)