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34 Andorra Open

Last update 11.08.2016 15:12:42, Creator/Last Upload: Federació d’Escacs Valls d’Andorra

Player overview for DEN

10GMGlud Jakob Vang2532DEN11½½1½½½16,51110-6,4034 Open
14IMBekker-Jensen Simon2456DEN11101½½½16,510109,8034 Open

Results of the last round for DEN

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
IMPein Malcolm2357 0 - 1 GMGlud Jakob Vang2532
IMBekker-Jensen Simon2456 1 - 0 FMEden James2320

Player details for DEN

GM Glud Jakob Vang 2532 DEN Rp:2442 Pts. 6,5
175Jacquot Adrien1929FRA4s 1100,80
243Cantin Loic2146FRA5w 1100,90
330Cimer Emanuel2230ARG5,5s ½10-3,50
455WFMEizaguerri Floris Maria2111ESP5w ½10-4,20
528IMRudolf Anna2247HUN5,5s 1101,60
616IMBarbot Pierre2444FRA6w ½10-1,20
714IMBekker-Jensen Simon2456DEN6,5s ½10-1,00
824FMBarbero Sendic Alejandro2336ESP5,5w ½10-2,50
920IMPein Malcolm2357ENG5,5s 1102,70
IM Bekker-Jensen Simon 2456 DEN Rp:2521 Pts. 6,5
178Picatoste Verdejo Sergio1916ESP4w 1100,80
248Rayne Remy2137FRA3,5s 1101,30
329FMMartinez Lopez Ivan2246ESP5,5w 1102,30
41GMGranda Zuniga Julio E2672PER7s 010-2,20
531FMNieves Cabanes Jose Manuel2227ESP3,5w 1102,10
68GMLagarde Maxime2572FRA7s ½101,60
710GMGlud Jakob Vang2532DEN6,5w ½101,00
817IMAntoli Royo Joaquin Miguel2432ESP6,5s ½10-0,30
926FMEden James2320FRA5,5w 1103,20