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Last update 11.06.2016 13:36:53, Creator/Last Upload: Romanian Chess Federation (Licence 48)

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Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
116Serban Maria-CristinaROU0Scoala 1155,530,52223,25
29Gagea AndreiROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu5,52820,521,00
32Bostan RalucaROU0Scoala Grigorie Ghica Voievod530,522,520,00
415Radulescu StefanROU0Scoala 56530,52220,50
56Cornea AdinaROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu4,529,52216,25
621Zaharia AndreiROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu4,5271917,00
74Ciungu IoanROU0Scoala Grigorie Ghica Voievod4,523,516,512,50
810Galoiu TeodorROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu4292114,25
913Moraru Luca NicolaeROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu426,51911,50
107Dobrescu MihaiROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu42618,512,50
1120Valcu AnastasiaROU0Scoala Grigorie Ghica Voievod3,524179,25
128Florea Eduard DumitruROU0Scoala Grigorie Ghica Voievod3,523,5177,50
135Constantinescu Gheorghe AlexandruROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu3,520147,75
1414Morea AndreiROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu323177,50
1512Lazar Rares MihaiROU0Scoala Grigorie Ghica Voievod322,516,56,00
1617Stanciu Bianca Ana MariaROU0Scoala Grigorie Ghica Voievod32014,56,50
1719Stancu LucaROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu2,522,5156,25
181Boncea CezarROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu2,522165,75
193Carutasu Adelina MariaROU0Scoala 272,51812,54,00
2011Ilinca Ana MariaROU0Scoala 27217,5122,50
2118Stancu BiancaROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu1,517,512,52,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable