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Last update 11.06.2016 13:38:23, Creator/Last Upload: Romanian Chess Federation (Licence 48)

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Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
130Ogica MihaiROU0Scoala Geo Bogza634,524,528,50
242Velcu RazvanROU0Scoala 1956312325,00
337Serban Luca AurelianROU0Scoala 27629,520,525,50
439Stanciu Razvan GabrielROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu530,521,518,50
528Necula Vlad EduardROU0Scoala Grigorie Ghica Voievod528,52117,50
618Ionescu VictoriaROU0Scoala 197526,52014,50
73Baciu Eric ChristianROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu525,51815,50
829Novac LucaROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu523,517,517,00
931Olteanu MateiROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu52014,512,00
1036Sava-Zazu AlexandruROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu4,527,518,516,00
115Bosoanca StefanROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu4,5261914,00
1214Dumbrava Alexandru ValentinROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu4322316,25
1310Cobianu Radu CostinROU0Scoala 564322316,00
142Anghelescu CodrutROU0Scoala 274312315,00
1532Petrache DavidROU0Scoala 307427,520,513,75
169Cima RobertROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu427,519,511,50
1721Lupu RobertROU0Scoala 307424,51711,00
1819Leonte NicolaeROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu422,5179,75
1925Mitu MihneaROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu420149,00
201Abdulrahman Truta DanielROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu3,5292113,00
2112Ditescu TudorROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu3,527,52112,50
2216Ilie Adelina ElisaROU0Scoala 3073,5261810,25
2311Cucu Matei GabrielROU0Scoala 3073,524179,50
2434Salcianu IoanaROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu3,523,5179,75
2543Vieru Vlad AndreiROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu3,521,515,59,00
268Camarasan Dennis StefanROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu328,520,511,00
2735Sarbu ArmandROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu325,5199,00
2841Tat Tudor AndreiROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu325,518,58,50
2927Munteanu Mihnea StefanROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu324177,50
3022Micu Imanuel AndreiROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu322,5166,00
3138Staicu Nicole Anne-MarieROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu322,515,57,50
3215Fuduli LuciaROU0Scoala 146319,5134,50
3317Ionescu Tudor GabrielROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu31913,54,00
344Barbier Theodor AlexandruROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu2,517124,50
3520Leuciuc IoanaROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu22517,54,25
366Burciu MariaROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu22215,53,50
3723Milea Daria TeodoraROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu22014,53,50
3826Mocanu Horia StefanROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu220143,50
3913Dobre PetraROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu219,5142,00
407Butnariu AdelaROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu219133,00
4133Popescu TudorROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu217,5123,00
4224Mita Radu StefanROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu2148,52,00
4340Tamba AndreiROU0Scoala Pia Bratianu12114,50,50

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable