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Remembering Paul Keres Preliminary Tournament Group Women

Last update 10.01.2009 12:44:22, Creator/Last Upload: Eesti Maleliit

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Starting rank

1WIMFomina TatjanaEST2240
2Skinke KatrinaLAT2211
3WIMBaðkite ViktoriaEST2192
4Vahtra TuuliEST2116
5Kozjukova OlgaLAT2045
6Rõtova MerikeEST1956
7Airapetjan JanaEST1931
8Narva TriinEST1922
9Hanzatjan AnaidEST1592
10Hanzatjan ElviraEST1591
11Sagadijeva AnnaEST1539
12Oja OksanaEST1432