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Campionatul RM intre juniori, F12

Last update 27.02.2015 22:17:18, Creator/Last Upload: CHESS FEDERATION OF MOLDOVA

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Starting rank

1Mihailova Alina13907018MDA1627Comrat
2Mocanu Paula13906186MDA1559Chisinau
3Pruteanu Alina13906003MDA1338Chisinau
4Rotaru Valentina13905546MDA1219Chisinau
5Chihai AnnaMDA800Chisinau
6Corman CristinaMDA800Chisinau
7Lupan EvelinaMDA800Balti
8Popa AnnaMDA800Tiraspol
9Vornicescu NadinaMDA800Straseni
10Hincu Maria13907654MDA700Chisinau
11Zelinschi MariaMDA700Balti