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III. Međunarodni šahovski turnir / III International chess tournament "Split Chess Open 2013"

Last update 18.08.2013 15:41:31, Creator/Last Upload: F080686

Player overview for BUL

26WGMVidenova Iva2305BUL110110½1½626151,35

Results of the last round for BUL

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Unander Matts2094 ½ - ½ WGMVidenova Iva2305

Player details for BUL

WGM Videnova Iva 2305 BUL Rp:2297 Pts. 6
1111IJaklin Damir1901CRO4s 10,890,11151,65
271IBanovac Mirko2071CRO5w 10,790,21153,15
39GMKurajica Bojan2516BIH6s 00,23-0,2315-3,45
477IBatinić Josip2042CRO4,5w 10,820,18152,70
560WFMRodionova Daria2112RUS5,5s 10,750,25153,75
615IMMencinger Vojko2399SLO7w 00,37-0,3715-5,55
741Berthier Hugo2223FRA5,5s ½0,61-0,1115-1,65
845Sorcinelli Francesco2192ITA5,5w 10,650,35155,25
965Unander Matts2094SWE6s ½0,77-0,2715-4,05